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Mamaroneck (Village)

Here is what you need to know about Mamaroneck:


•       The Grievance filing period is June 1st - third Tuesday in June. The last day to file is the third Tuesday in June. 

•       We only have one chance each year to appeal your property tax assessment. 


Here is what you need to know about us:

•       Our team has lived and worked in Westchester for 24 years and understands the Mamaroneck real estate market completely.

•       We are a team of property tax specialists and analysts that focus on residential properties exclusively in Westchester County, NY. 


Real estate taxes are based on assessment which are often incorrect or outdated. You might be entitled to an equitable property tax reduction.

  • How do I know if I am paying too much property taxes to the Village of Scarsdale?
    Homes are taxed based on the Village of Scarsdale’s assessment. The Village of Scarsdale Assessor sometimes overestimates the assessed value of your home. If the Scarsdale Assessor overestimated the assessed value, it means your home is over assessed and you are paying more than your fair share of property taxes.
  • Does the Assessor’s Office in the Village of Scarsdale make errors in determining the assessed value of homes in Scarsdale?
    Yes, mistakes sometimes happen. Categories of mistakes include incorrectly recording the square footage, lot size, and number of rooms, to name a few. These discrepancies might drive a higher assessed value of your home.
  • How can I reduce my property taxes in Scarsdale?
    In order to reduce your property taxes in Scarsdale, one must challenge the assessment by filing a property tax assessment grievance with the Scarsdale Board of Assessment Review. You only have one chance each year to challenge your property tax assessment in Scarsdale.
  • Can my Scarsdale property taxes go up by going through this process?
    No, your assessment cannot be increased by filing a property tax assessment grievance in Scarsdale. New York State Law mandates that all properties be assessed fairly. If you are over-assessed, you have the legal right to challenge your assessment. You have nothing to lose.
  • What is your fee for Scarsdale residents?
    There’s no fee unless we can reduce your assessment. We work on contingency basis. Our fee is 50% of the first year’s tax savings. All future savings are yours to enjoy.
  • Do I need an appraisal to appeal my property taxes in Scarsdale?
    There is no requirement as to the type of evidence needed.
  • My neighbor and I have almost the same home so why are their property taxes lower than ours?
    Your neighbor’s property may be under-assessed, or your neighbor may have exemptions that you do not have.
  • Why is Equitable Property Tax Reductions successful in Scarsdale?
    The key to winning an assessment challenge is to compile and build compelling data from a sample of comparable sales. Our team created the EHAT technology as a tool to analyze home data and analytics to determine the value of your home. Better data, superior analysis, and insight into the local real estate market will lead to better assessment reduction results. Our analysts have degrees from Cornell, the University of Pennsylvania, Iona College, and Columbia Business School. Unlike other representatives; we are not retired, we work full-time, we only service Westchester county, and we are the only provider that lives and works in the Village of Scarsdale.
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